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Viele meiner Freunde sind aus anderen Länder, uns verbindet die Liebe zum Sport, die gemeinsam verbindende Sprache ist Englisch. Daher gibt es alles zum Fallschirmspringen auch hier nur auf Englisch.




I believe in doing sports and not looking at pictures of them, posting my experiences or talking about the fun in my life.

Come fly or jump with me in real life!

The internet has never been and will never be a substitute for real life experiences.


After more than 30 years in this sport (in the fresh air), I'm slowly getting addicted to tunnel flying. We will see. Time is a factor in my life, and traveling with all the gear is becoming more of a chore with Corona and all the airport security concerns. Just a jumpsuit, helmet and regular sneakers – and a tunnel with other "bodies" seems to work in these times.


Skydiving as well as flying has nothing to do with being brave or wild or weird. Especially skydiving requires discipline, knowledge and preparation before each jump. Then any skydive will provide you with joy and happiness and experiences you have never dreamed of before.






.......Dum corpus cadit animus assurgit.......


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My skydiving experience

I started skydiving and flying in the USA while I was working there as an IT-Specialist. Over the years I have jumped with my friends at many events around the world, making over 2000 RW* jumps. I participated with my own 4-way team in the German Nationals, was part of a German 20-way (including competitions) for several years, was part of an 80-way in an 80-way challenge over Thailand, and especially in my earlier years, I jumped off anything that flew.

RW* = Relative work, belly flying.

BASE was something that always interested me. Twice I was on the verge of taking a BASE leap. For various reasons, it didn't work out. That said, I do support serious BASE jumpers, and I've been fortunate enough to meet a few from different countries. Again, this is a matter of preparation, not danger.

What I love and have practiced extensively since the Corona days are tunnel flights*.

A skydiving tunnel is a circular area surrounded by plexiglass with a lot of wind from below (the "bottom" consists of only a net). It is – so spoken – a skydiving simulator.




Skydiving in my Books

Norman Kent is one of the best freefall photographers. Parts of the spoken text in his video: "Willing to Fly" are included in my 5th book Warum Fliegen sich im Kino langweilen.*

The book is in German, sorry fellows. Such it might be of primary interest to European skydivers speaking German.*

"Why Flies get bored at the Movies"

Some of my skydiving friends have contributed to the English versions of the Baerlie Books series, especially in refining my English translations.

With the pictures of also very well known photographer Max Dereta the famous Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ printed a story about wingsuits and the fixed wing of the Germans: Birdmen (jpg) (sorry, German only)


Event and skydiving related reports