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Project Baerlie and Red-Nosed




Baerlie and Red-Nosed

The entire project is about respect and friendship - whether the people involved are tall, short, fat, thin, gray-haired or green-spotted.
The two authors firmly believe that you can achieve more by moving forward in a positive way than by pointing fingers. And, that you are more likely to achieve desired states if you already visualize them as normal states.
The second volume deals with the value or non-value of fear and how to cope with it. This is vividly demostrated by water flying and skydiving. Both are activities that, let's put it politely, cause most people at least respect, if not a sinking feeling in the stomach.
"Fear," said the pilot with a smile, "is a very useless emotion. 
It paralyzes and limits your abilities enormously. But respect for the forces of nature (and physics) is good and necessary".


The Corona Book

Spring 2020 was the time when the world as we knew it went off its hinges. During those weeks and months, which were very difficult for many, people all over the world used whatever skills they had to help others: Doctors, nurses – but also musicians who performed on their balconies. For everyone, as a pep talk, as a distraction from the hardships caused by the Corona crisis.
From the same thought (and from the lack of singing skills of the two authors) this book was born. 
May it strengthen the view of diversity, of all our abilities and achievements and of the importance of each individual is, especially in difficult times.

Baerlie and Red-Nosed is lovingly illustrated by Michael Stefer and wittily texted by Helga Kleisny: An airplane captain and an aviation journalist who, in Corona times, combine in one book the charm of Janosch drawings, the illustrious world of Alice in Wonderland and the wisdom of life of the Little Prince.

The testimonial can be seen on the  Youtube channel for Baerlie and Red-Nosed  with an enchanting video.

As the testimonial shows, the project arouses many positive emotions in those who have seen at least one book. The reactions lead to an amazing creativity of the readers.



Videos with Baerlie and Red-Nosed

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Links to all Books

Baerlie and Red-Nosed, Volume 1 (English) at amazon.com


Bärli und der Rotnasige, Volume 1 German, Format 20x20 at vonjournalisten.de


Baerlie and Red-Nosed Take Off, Volume 2 (English), Format 21x21 at amazon.de

Bärli und der Rotnasige heben ab, Volume 2 German, Format 21x21 at amazon.de



Baerlie and Red-Nosed, Volume 1


 Contents – The Pages of Book 1



Baerlie and Red-Nosed Take Off, Volume 2


The second volume is even more about flying, more precisely, about water flying. Well, cats and parachutes are in it too, of course. Pure adventure. :-) The two also learn that fear never helps and how to eat healthy. All with humor and lightness, like everything in this project.




Baerlie and Red-Nosed Take Off (Book 2)

Available at amazon.




 Special edition of the 2nd english volume:

Baerlie and Red-Nosed Take Off

This edition was designed especially for Brown's Seaplane Base and is only available there. 


"And that flies?" Red-nosed still cautiously says.
"On the water it first rides like a boat, then we water ski and as soon as we are fast enough it takes off and flies like an airplane," says the pilot with a smile.
"You will see it in a moment." 

Now skydiving?
Red-nosed winces and sighs.
"Are you worried?" the pilot asks empathetically.
"Well, yes," Red-nosed replies cautiously, "I have ... a little ... jitters about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane."
"Fear," says the pilot with a smile, "is a very useless emotion.
It paralyzes and limits your abilities tremendously.
Respect for the forces of nature (and physics) is good and necessary. That is why I will show you exactly what you have to do and when."
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 Contents of Book 2







Cats in the Book



It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary, first climber of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth.