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As a physicist, pilot, skydiver and journalist, I have written numerous articles and reports over the past decades. Many high-profile media have commissioned and printed my stories.

It all started with print articles in Markt&Technik about computers and software, followed by: Editor at the leading German aviation magazine Fliegermagazin (5 years of innovative aviation stories, responsible for the technology section of the magazine), responsible editor for communication and PR at Deutsche Flugsicherung for their magazine: Transmission.

Since January 2013 all my publications are published online at Flugundzeit.

Flugundzeit is the German online aviation and aerospace magazine by Helga Kleisny. It serves as a thought provoker for more than just its main topics: Aerospace. Future technology is not only relevant in aviation – bionics and artificial intelligence will influence our lives in many ways. Food for thought is good for everyone and especially for pilots of all kinds. :-)

A major aspect of Flugundzeit are facts. Wild guesses and speculations have no place on this website*, especially when it comes to aircraft accidents and crashes, where most of the facts are not (yet) known. Flugundzeit has an outstanding and exemplary position in the online world in that.

*Exceptions may be humorous blog posts, which are meant to lighten up and give the reader a sense of relief between reading about too many serious crashes which might otherwise become tiresome.

Flugundzeit started in January 2013 at the German Scienceblogs (Scienceblogs.de/flugundzeit.) In April 2016 the magazine moved to its own website: flugundzeit.blog


Published Articles (Selection) 



European Scienceblogs: Euroscientist Blog

Articles at the German Magazine Focus-Online can be found at www.focus.de. (search for: Kleisny). Some examples are mentioned here:

Pilots under Pressure: The Underestimated Danger: (Piloten unter Druck: Die unterschätzte Gefahr): The crash of the Polish president's plane shows how seriously the safety concerns of pilots and controllers must be taken. Prominent passengers often want to know better...

2nd post on Air France 447 crash 2. article on the crash of Air France 447
The scant info on the Airbus crash has led to wild speculation about the causes. FOCUS-Online checks the individual theories against the facts. 

1st article about the Air France 447 crash (FOCUS-Online) 1. article on the crash of Air France 447(FOCUS-Online)

Spanair disaster: The possible scenarios of the disaster
By FOCUS Online author Helga Kleisny. One of the MD-80's two engines caught fire shortly after take-off. By then, the 173-passenger aircraft was ... ...

Competition for Airbus and Boeing
FAZ.net, August 3, 2008. Where Airbus and Boeing have nothing to offer, others are using the gap as an opportunity: Brazilian manufacturer Embraer and ...onkurrenz für Airbus und Boeing

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